All implants are created not equal.


If you are considering dental implants, there are some things you should know.


Many dentists offer implant services, but they aren't all the same. While mini implants are often advertised at a reduced cost to the patient, they usually aren't the best long-term solution. But because special training is necessary for dentists who perform full-size implants, many dentists try to "fit" patients with mini implants, even when full implants would better serve the patient's needs.


At Redbud Dental, we have the experience and advanced training necessary to provide full implants and mini implants. Additionally, we provide full implants at the mini implant price. In fact, we can often provide implants at a price that is less than the cost of a typical bridge procedure and with greater benefits to our patients.


Implants can be provided with or without an incision, and in many cases, the procedure can be performed in one appointment.


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Starting at $2,999


Starting at $3,999


(*some restrictions apply)


Includes exam and necessary x-rays

Which procedure is really best for you? We can help you decide.


Implants, Mini Implants, Bridges: What Should You Consider?


    Full-Size Implants v. Mini Implants

    Full-size implants are stronger. Mini-implants can break.

    Full-size implants are fused to more surface area in your mouth, creating a more stable tooth replacement.


    Full-size implants v. Bridges

    Implants don't put adjacent teeth at risk.

    Unlike a bridge, you can floss between implants for better overall dental health.

    Implants prevent surrounding bone and gum loss.


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